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About IIAEThe Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers

Vision and Mission

  Nowadays, world economy is globalizing at an accelerating pace due to the rapid development in modern technology. It has become a most severe challenge for companies to boom the international market share of their products and survive the competitive situation. Efforts are being made worldwide to promote studies related to the electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering field. However, they are far from enough to satisfy the needs of the rapid progress in industries and business. The lack of communication between academic institutions and industrial organizations makes it a relatively long process before the new technology is available for production and application. Therefore, the enhancement of cooperation between academic researchers and company staffs is an urgent demand in order to make more effective use of advanced techniques. Engineering technology can enhance productivity and facilitate service by rationalizing the production process and improving the product quality.
  The Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers (IIAE) was founded in 2012 to narrow this gap. It is a non-profit academic organization that aims to promote the development of research and new practice in various industries. The research fields of the IIAE include the development of industrial prototypes, commercialization of technical innovations, and applications of technology to industrial management and marketing. The core purpose of IIAE is to establish an academic platform for exchange of ideas and better organize the integration of the innovation of technical devices and the benefit of universal humanity. IIAE devotes to maximize the contribution of new engineering technology to the real-life situation and bring unparalleled perspective and methodology in response to every challenge.

President greeting


  • The president of IIAE, Seiichi Serikawa

  It is my great honor to serve as the first Chairman of the Institute of Industrial Applications engineers. Our association was established to function in the various fields of engineering, electricity, mechanism, chemistry, etc.. Its goal is to enhance the application of technology and expertise to the production and manufacturing process, and thus, contribut to the rapid development of technology and science.
  Novelty, usefulness and reproducibility are crucial criteria for judegment of reliable research articles related to engineering. We believe that it is these very basic points should be highlighted if a benigh cycle is to be created and promoted for academic research. IIAE is a platform for presentations and discussion of research ideas and proposals, and our emphasis is particularly put on the utility, practicality and usefulness. It is the responsibility of scientists to clarify how the inventions and rennovations are useful in the everyday life of the human beings, and how industry are demonstrating its “usefulness” for the future of the evolving nature. In addition, in consultation with the author also time of publication and make sure that they do not research activities stops by time to issue a patent. We welcome our colleagues, from both domestic and overseas to get involved in our activities. We hope our association can build a bridge for researchers from different countries, companies, universities, organizations to find a chance to communicate and exchange thoughts. For this purpose, we have reduced the fees for conference participation and publication to a minimum range, and have offered various benefits to our members, including a complete fee waiver for individual membership.
  I hope that we will have the honor to meet more researchers in our events and the acitivies held by our association will contribute to the development of science and industry.

Business activity

Held workshop, academic lectures, international conferences, seminars
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Encouragement of research, awards
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